GDSGE: A Toolbox for Solving DSGE Models with Global Methods

Welcome to GDSGE’s documentation!

GDSGE is a toolbox that solves nonlinear Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium (DSGE) models with a global method based on policy iterations introduced in Cao, Luo, and Nie (2020). It allows users to define economic models in compact and intuitive scripts, called gmod files (gmod stands for global model). It parses the script into dynamic libraries which implement the actual computations (policy function iterations and Monte Carlo simulations) efficiently in C++, and provides a convenient MATLAB interface to researchers.

The toolbox can be used to solve models in macroeconomics, international finance, asset pricing, and related fields.

Try running your first example, Heaton and Lucas (1996), by uploading the gmod file HL1996 to an online compiler server deployed at

[Windows] [MacOS](Updated 11/6/2020)

More examples and detailed instructions on gmod files and on how to use the toolbox are provided below.

If you have comments, suggestions or coding questions for us, or would like to contribute GDSGE examples, please reach out to us at:


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